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“The new, eco-friendly form of creating.”

How can we reduce the amount of waste accumulated through playing music?

There are some every day items that leave you no choice but to dispose of them as trash. But in the back of your mind, you may feel uneasy about it. Perhaps this is because you think to yourself, “Isn’t this recyclable? Can I somehow repurpose this?” Musicians are often confronted with the same dilemma.
なぜなら頭のどこかで「使い方によってはまだ使えるんじゃないか?」と考えてしまう からです。ミュージシャンにとっても同様です。


In music, there are a variety of “trash” that can accumulate: broken drum sticks, worn picks, broken strings, cracked cymbals, dead tubes, metal parts, electronic components, etc. However, upon throwing any of these away, there is a moment of regret accompanied by the thought, “This is such a waste.” We, at ECO MUSIC, believe in the concept of “Eco-Friendly” acts. Under this guiding principal, we are constantly focusing on how to repurpose this increasing “waste,” in order to allow musicians to fully dive into their musical activities while simultaneously being ecologically responsible to our Earth. To begin our first step towards our goal, we created extremely durable picks called ECO PICK. This pick is designed to have a long lifespan while withstanding more wear after prolonged and frequent use, thus leading to less picks exchanged and as a result, less trash over time. Furthermore, we use recycled plastic bottles as the resource to make these picks. This has sparked much discussion within our company about how we can better utilize more recyclable materials and “trash” for musicians. We hope that our vision reaches many musicians and together, we can inspire more innovative methods of fueling creative solutions towards reducing waste.
音楽活動における廃棄物としては、 折れたドラムスティック、磨耗したピック、切れた弦、割れたシンバル、寿命の尽きた真空管、金属パーツや、電子部品など数多く挙げられますが、どれも捨てる際に「もったいない」と考えずにいられないものばかりです。エコ・ミュージックでは、新しい音が生まれるたびに増えていくこれらの廃棄物のリサイクル、「地球に優しく」をキーワードに音楽活動に取り組めばどんな結果が出せるかを考えています。最初の取り組みとして「耐久性に優れたピック」=エコピックを完成させました。磨耗が少なく、寿命の長いピックならば交換の頻度も少なくなり、ゴミが減る結果につながると考えております。そのうえ、廃ペットボトルを素材にしているので資源のリサイクルも実現させました。現在では先に挙げたような廃棄物を使ってできることを、模索しています。まだカタチにはなっていませんが、様々な発想をもとにいくつかの試みが行われています。私達の試みが多くのミュージシャンに伝わり、新しいモノづくりを実現させていければと考えています。